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Re:  Comic Con in the Gaslamp Quarter

Hi, My name is Rex Edhlund.  I have been an active member of the downtown community for nearly 20 years, almost as long as I have been involved in and a megafan of Comic Con.  I have also been an ongoing promoter of events, art shows, entrepreneur creative spaces AND

Being in the creative industry myself, I have made many contacts and have worked with a bunch of marketing people that come to our turf every summer for Comic Con.  So many, that I have somehow become the “go to guy” for finding off-beat venues or display space during Comic Con.

Over the years I have helped, SEGA, Invidia, Threadless, PanelFly, Marvel, BBC America, NBC, Syfy, Last Gasp Publishing, Fantagraphics Books, Popular Naughty, San Rio/Hello Kitty, Paramount, Disney Interactive, Exhibit A Press, Bad Kids Go to Hell, Sideshow Collectibles, ABC, YouTube,, Ultra Productions, WETA, and more.

comic con marketin 2014

We know what we are doing.  There is NO ONE in San Diego with as much knowledge of downtown San Diego and how the nerdy perfection that is Comic Con interacts with it.

I can be reached at 213-294-9900 or email me at

While we patiently wait for the San Diego Convention Center to expand, the geek market expands on it's own.

Event space for comic con 2012 for event planners

As you can see on the map graphic, there is an off-site event shockwave of art shows, zombie walks, and company parties that roll out into downtown.  If you have something that you wish to plan that is company based or media based and NOT better off being a regular part of Comic Con, I am happy to consult.


Sometimes a multitude of events create conflict or competing times that could have been better scheduled or better traffic paterns created, or maybe just a better venue.  I do my very best to know EVERYTHING that is going on to advise you best. For smaller companies, just because you might get priced out of 5th Avenue, that doesn't mean there isn't an amazing industrial or outdoor location just a few blocks away for a half the price.


We have been downtown for the last 20+ Comic Cons, we have a LOT of inside/local information that could make your event better.  We specialize in finding the unlisted and specialty spaces. The better you understand your clients needs, the better placement we can provide.

Why not take advantage of it?

Remember, I am NOT Comic Con.  You should exert every effort to utilize space and/or sponsorships with official representatives of Comic Con.  The service I provide is for private parties or outside events that can happen harmoniously during the same time frame.  I am a geek, so it does matter.


Here is what ONE previous client had to say.   

"Industry Eventspace helped us make last years's (2012) San Diego Comic Con one of our best yet. We had a theatrical film we were premiering, and their location help and expertise made getting to and from the Convention Center to the Theater to the after party easy and convenient. I am shocked at how incredible the afterparty turned out on the tight budget we were working with.  He found us the perfect spot. The staff was helpful and knowledgeable about the Comic Con itself, so they knew the ins and outs without us having to explain a lot of minutia about the event. Rex Edhlund runs a tight ship and I can't thank him enough."

Matthew Spradlin, Writer / Director
Bad Kids Go to Hell

There ARE event and activation spaces available
for 2014 San Diego Comic Con. 
Inquire immediately!



private party space for san diego comic con

In our PRIVATE Space
(video to left)

Here is one of the events we hosted in our primary space, Industry Showroom.  Right on the main street for Con, and partitionable space for nearly any installation.

This last year it was the fan and industry VIP activation for Insidious2 and  The loft had previously been a bordello in the Victorian days and many beleive it is haunted.  This was a perfect match.

Quickpic (horrible pics)
tour of the space.


Special Event Spaces and Pop Up shops or Window Display Space in Downtown San Diego for Comic Con Week!

Speaking of cool nerd and awesome geek stuff, allow us to share... DANGER  FACTORY

geek chic fashion week


Maybe it's a smart move to collaborate with a few other smaller events and have your own BIG event.


Or SPONSOR an existing or growing meetup. 


We can help you figure out your smartest approach for gaining Comic Con attendee and media attention.


I can be reached at 213-294-9900 or email me at































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SITE 1 on the map is a couple of 950sf retail shops that could be made available for installations or pop up shops.

Such as Jacques LeLong



Here is Industry Showroom, Site 3


More Event Info


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